The Spirit of the Dome

The story of the Louisiana Superdome, its damage from Hurricane Katina and its restoration will be told with stock footage, voice-overs, interviews and newly shot footage of the ongoing repair and re-construction project. Interviews with key executives associated with the project, along with representatives from FEMA, state and local governments and construction experts will discuss the restoration plan and its ongoing progress through completion..  The documentary features the critical work on the dome’s 10 acre roof structure, the largest re-roofing project in the history of the country.  With all the attention that is focused on the rebuilding of New Orleans, the Superdome is one of the most visible projects since the damage occurred from the hurricane throughout the Gulf Coast.  Our story features the use of Urethane, safety of the crew and the logistical issues of the roof.  The story culminates with the grand reopening of the facility, with comments from local, state & federal officials, NFL officials and the key executives and construction experts who made it happen, on time and on budget.

The Superdome represents “ground-zero” for the citizen of New Orleans and the entire State of Louisiana.  The Superdome was first used as safe house as the Hurricane approached and hit, and then as a refugee camp for those whose homes were destroyed by the storm.

After the evacuation of tens of thousands from the dome, the assessment of damages where made, temporary fixes were completed and finally, the process of rebuilding and the restoration of this landmark building has begun.

This documentary will represent the spirit and determination of the men and women who helped to get this great building and facility back up and running.  More importantly, it will allow the world to see that New Orleans is back and better than ever, and that this city wants to welcome back visitors and business to the “Big Easy.”

We believe that the Superdome can become an inspiration to all the citizens of New Orleans and the State of Louisiana and to show everyone that the process of rebuilding is continuing.

With all of the negative stories coming out of New Orleans and Washington DC with regards to delays and construction problems following Hurricane Katrina,
“The Sprit of the Dome” will tell the positive story of how government and top level construction companies and their suppliers can complete an enormous challenging job on time and on budget.  The rebuilding and re-opening of the Louisiana Superdome will be a proud moment for the companies involved in the project and the citizens of the City of New Orleans and the State of Louisiana.


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