Wetspray Cellulose Insulation

Comprised of Recycled Newspaper, Wetspray Cellulose provides a low-cost alternative for wall cavities. Quick Installation, Excellent Sound Attenuation Properties.

About Wetspray Cellulose Insulation

Wetspray Cellulose Insulation is a modified version of the standard loose-fill cellulose you might see in your attic. As the name suggests, Wetspray Cellulose is applied with a fine mist of water that activates an adhesive agent in the cellulose to create a “bind” to the paper fibers and the substrate to which it is applied. Cellulose, by design, is a dense product and provides excellent sound attenuation properties, especially low sound frequencies found on the OITC (Outdoor/Indoor Transmission Class) band below 125Hz, compared to the STC (Sound Transmission Class) frequency band.

Although Wetspray Cellulose is not an air-impermeable product, it does achieve a higher level of air-impermeability than fiberglass batts. Great care must be taken to insure the product is installed properly to maximize the performance in a wall cavity. Moisture Content and proper drying times must be closely followed to ensure the product meets manufacturer standards for installation.

From a Pricing Standpoint, Wetspray Cellulose has historically been the lowest cost option for exterior 2×4 walls compared to Fiberglass and Spray Foam alternatives. In 2018, however, cellulose insulation manufacturers passed on significant material pricing increases that greatly reduced the delta between cellulose and other insulation options. Because cellulose is a full-fill cavity application, buildings framed in 2×6 exterior walls will require more material than 2×4 walls. High-Performance products, such as spray foam insulation, do not require full-fill applications for 2×6 walls to meet energy performance requirements, and pricing competitiveness of cellulose is less of a value proposition.

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Wetspray Cellulose Insulation has been used in Commercial, Residential, Tract Home and many more job types for years. Below are some example installations we've completed for Wetspray Cellulose Insulation. Have a different installation application you'd like quoted? Give us a call!