Brazos has an outstanding safety record because of the quality of training we provide to our staff. This translates to a lower-than-average Experience Modification Rate (EMR) issued by our Workers’ Compensation carrier.

Our safety director and safety auditor develop safety plans for each and every job before we start. Our project managers, superintendents and foreman develop preconstruction meetings utilizing digital pictures, computers, cameras and on-line teleconferences before every project commences. Each and every detail on the project is discussed as well as set up areas, job hazards, potential overspray issues, weather, schedules, material usages, processes, procedures and productivity.

Equipment and tools are audited on every project for safety and quality control. All unsafe tools and equipment are discarded while all equipment that is not functioning perfectly is returned for maintenance.

It takes specialized equipment to apply SPF – as well as a properly trained technical crew to create the very best results. Many members of our team of professionals have worked together for up to 25 years. Together we have achieved a reputation for exceptional performance that has made Brazos one of the highest rated contractors in the nation.

Our commitment to excellence and the numerous awards we have received in recognition of the quality of our work have led some of the largest companies in the world to become our clients. We endeavor to exceed their expectations by achieving our own high standards – as well as those of product manufacturers – on every project we undertake.

Most of our Fortune 500 vendors have their own independent third-party inspection firms performing on-going and final inspections throughout the course of every project. This provides them with the detailed knowledge they need to guarantee the performance of the systems we put in place for our clients – for up to 20 years.

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